10,000 Dresses

P5/6 and P6 having been considering Article 2 of the UNCRC – Non: discrimination and Global Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities through their study of the book ‘10,000 Dresses’. 

Miss Earnshaw and Miss Morton were so impressed by the level of thoughtful discussion around the issues of gender, stereotyping, identify and understanding. Take a look at the main themes we deciphered from the text and the dresses we designed for the central character Bailey.




3 thoughts on “10,000 Dresses

  1. marcusewert

    This is Marcus Ewert, the author of 10,000 DRESSES. I’m so pleased that you all got so much out of the book. I’d be happy to even do a Skype visit with y’all (I’m in San Francisco) or some such. I can be reached at my full name all one word, at gmail.

    and thanks!



  2. Hello!
    This is Marcus Ewert, the author of 10,000 Dresses. I am so honored that the book sparked such lively engagement. I would be more than willing to do a free Skype visit or some such with your kids – just let me know! my full name one word at gmail.
    Regardless, thank you!!
    Love, Marcus


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